About the app

With CourSIS, you can have access to student reviews of courses given by the specific instructors that you want to check out. We’ve even made searching easier for you by classifying each course by department and category. Each course you search will display an average rating put up by students who have already taken that course.
You can also check out what each student has to say in the comments section, or even leave a comment yourself. If a course you’ve taken just didn’t cut it, or an instructor’s performance wasn’t up to par, don’t worry, we’ve made sure that students and only students have access to the app’s features.

But that’s not all CourSIS can do. The app also features a GPA calculator. Just plug in your grades and the weight of the course in credits, and your grade comes out. The GPA section also hosts a GPA converter, which changes your percent GPA into one on the 4.0 scale, and a GPA estimator calculate the grade you need to get on a specific test in order to come out of the course with whatever final grade you specify.

So the next time you can’t figure out which Humanity to take, know that CourSIS has got you covered. With a tap of your screen, you’ll have course information ready and waiting within seconds. Happy course hunting!

About the devs